Emergent Threat

Get notified of emergent threats, leaks, vulnerabilities, uptime and more.

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Attack Surface Detection 

Schedule periodic scans to be notified of changes in your network.

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Market Analysis

Compare your network with your competitors'.

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Leak Monitoring

Monitor leaks and incidents concerning your network and employees.

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IoC Sharing

Be notified of malicious domain names, IP addresses and more.

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SSL Security

Be notified of expiry dates, weak ciphers and SSL vulnerabilities.

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Continuous Monitoring

Monitor the health, responsiveness and security of your systems live.

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Honeypot Network 

Be notified of attacks and IoCs caught by our custom honeypot network.

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Social Media Analysis

Monitor threat actors and social media accounts of your choosing.

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API Support 

Develop using the Emergent REST API. Customize data retrieval to your needs.

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Cryptocurrency Inspection 

Investigate cryptocurrency transactions and link them to usernames, IP addresses and more.

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DarkNet Monitoring

Be notified of activity on DarkNet forums and access TOR node connection statistics.

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Security Product Integration

Block IP addresses, malware hashes and other IoC data automatically on your security products.

Easy, Fast, Simple

• It takes five minutes to set up monitoring, alerts and scheduled scans

• User friendly API

• Live monitoring of your systems on your dashboard.

• Integration with security devices is developed specifically for your needs.

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Client Oriented Development

Meaningful data. Accurate metrics. User friendly service.

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Simple GUI

Keep track of your online systems. Access detailed information on IP and domain blacklists and IoC's. Monitor threats and vulnerabilities live and configure monitoring and alerting options. Simple and user friendly.

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Alarms and Notification

Get e-mail notifications for for vulnerabilities and downtime. Choose what you want to be notified about based on severity ratings. Configure which systems you want to monitor in less than five minutes.

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On-demand Reports

Generate attack surface analysis reports on-demand or schedule scans in any frequency of your choosing. Be in the know with periodic scans.

Out of the Box Approach

We make use of state-of-the-art algorithms and latest technologies

Market Segmentation
Our hybrid recommendation system allows you to compare the security rating of your systems with systems of similar scale and with companies from the same industry.
Sentiment Analysis
See what your customers feel about your company. Get immediate results on your online company reputation. We follow and analyze the latest sentiments related to your company and provide meaningful feedback.
Remediation Instructions
Access correct fixes for related security vulnerabilities through vulnerability alerts and attack surface analysis scans.
Actionable Intelligence
Data produced by users, threat actors, applications and infrastructure is enriched and analyzed in order to provide meaningful results.

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Emergent Threat provides constant monitoring of your systems and the insight to protect your system with your statistics, created with your data. To learn more about Emergent Threat, leave your e-mail address and we will contact you shortly.

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