We're a passionate group of people working from around the world to help companies have better control of their exposure to attacks.

We're a team of experts in cyber attack detection and prevention, working together to help businesses secure their digital world. Using smart strategies, we build strong defenses, giving companies better control. We also help businesses navigate digital risks, making the online world safer for everyone.

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We approach security as something that enhances our lives and adds value to the world.

Assets go digital and move to the cloud, changing how we handle security. The big risk? Leaving assets unmanaged, unmonitored and vulnerable.


Average data breach cost

IBM and Ponemon Institute finds the average cost of a critical infrastructure data breach comes in at $4.82 million.


Attacks originated by unknown, unmanaged, unmonitored assets

CyCognito and ESG Report shows 68% of organizations have experienced an attack originating from an unknown, unmanaged, or unmonitored company asset


Unfilled cybersecurity positions

As reported by Bloomberg, there are nearly 600,000 unfilled positions in the U.S., data from CyberSeek shows.